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Gluten Free + Vegan

Back to Basics Body Scrub


Your not so basic, basic body scrub infused with Sea Salt and Botanical Extracts.   Bring the Spa Home   Body scrubs work to gently massage and clear skin from dead cells, dirt, and oil that collects on the body. The skin lets go of this build-up when exfoliating granules in the scrub are massag..

Body Mass Measure


A useful metric body mass measure. Accurate and easy to use, can be used to measure any part of your body. Retract the measuring tape by pressing the button at the center Help to measure your size and check your progress if you are on diet Simply pulling the measuring tape will keep the measurement ..

Gluten Free

Lipo Sculpting Fluid


A lotion for home use which is Clinically Proven to achieve Inch Loss & Reduction of Localised Fat...

Gluten Free

Lipo Sculpting Wrap Kit


Accelerate the results of your Lipo Sculpting Fluid : The only Clinically Proven at-home Inch Loss product..

Save 20%

Diet Burst


With 20% discount Diet Burst Solution Set will get you off to the best start...

Sculpting Wrap Plus each


TOP QUALITY CE APPROVED ELASTIC BANDAGE. (RE-USABLE) 1 metre longer when stretched than PRO bandage. Not to be confused with non-medical elastic bandages. Ours apply uniform pressure & do not become narrow when stretched. (Price per Wrap)..

Chin Lift Wrap Band


Any easy convenient re-usable chin lift wrap to use in conjunction with appropriate products...

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